How often should you clean your mop?

clean your mop

Dirtier than you think, our mop must be cleaned regularly so as not to accumulate dust mites, microbes and other bacteria. For what ? How to proceed ? How often ? We give you our advice for an always clean mop.

How often should you clean your mop?

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  • Summary :
  • What is a mop used for?
  • The different types of mops
  • Why clean your mop?
  • What product to clean it with?
  • How often to clean it?
  • Is there a particular season or period?
  • When should you change your mop?
  • What is a mop used for?

Used to clean floors, the mop has been around for many years! Today, we use it after vacuuming to clean all kinds of stains on the floor , from the most superficial to the toughest. The mop, accompanied by household products, is also used to disinfect and shine our floors for more freshness in our interiors.

The different types of mops

Today, there are several models of mops on the market. There is the classic mop , the one that is put on a broom. There is also the mop with fringes , also called “Spanish mop”. It is made up of cotton or microfiber fringes offering the advantage of slipping into the smallest nooks and crannies. Then there is the flat or rectangular mop which slips on a kind of foldable broom and the disposable mop , close to the disposable wipe, to be strongly avoided for an ecological household .

Why clean your mop?

If you don’t necessarily think about it, if not at all, it is important to clean your mop several times in the year minimum, or even every month. After vacuuming to remove dust and crumbs, we still have to mop the floor to remove stains and shine the floor. The layer of dirt passes from the floor to the mop , which is wrung out in the bucket several times. The dirt does not disappear and gradually becomes embedded in the mop. That’s why it’s important to clean it regularly!

What product to clean it with?

There are several products to clean your mop. The best known product is surely bleach, but it is not an ecological household product. We advise you instead to turn to baking soda or white vinegar , which are just as effective and 100% natural.

How often to clean it?

If cleaning your mop well is important, the recurrence is just as important. There’s nothing cleaner than cleaning it every time you clean . However, you can clean it once a month, it’s already better than nothing. And if you don’t think about it systematically, at least make sure to wash and disinfect it at each change of season!

Is there a particular season or period?

Since we recommend that you clean your mop as regularly as possible and at least at each change of season, there is not necessarily a particular period. However, take advantage of spring or summer to clean it more often and dry it in the sun ! Nothing is more pleasant than cleaning your floor with a clean and fresh mop, without any smell of mold.

When should you change your mop?

If the life of a mop is relatively long, we recommend that you change it before it falls apart . If you see that it’s starting to lose its bangs, that it doesn’t smell good, or that you can’t get it to come back clean and white, change it. And if you’ve had the same mop for 10 years, maybe it’s time to get another

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