The 8 Best Cheap Furniture Stores

Furniture Stores

In recent years, the furnishing and decoration of its interior have aroused real enthusiasm on the part of consumers. Creating a space that is both functional and welcoming is becoming more than ever a need of our current society, which is moving at full speed. To help you furnish your home with pieces that look like you, discover our selection of the best low-cost furniture stores.

IKEA: the essential

It’s no surprise that Swedish furniture giant IKEA features in our selection of the best cheap furniture stores . Originally founded as a mail-order company in Sweden, the brand is now a global reference in the affordable furniture sector.

One of the particularities of the brand is to sell, in addition to furniture and decoration, indoor plants to perfect your atmosphere!

The strong point of the brand: to offer solutions accessible to all and adaptable to all interior configurations. Design and modularity are the hallmarks of the furniture marketed by IKEA. Making daily life functional, aesthetic and comfortable is the brand’s vision. A simple and universal message that explains its success.

However, if you are looking for other alternatives to IKEA to complete your layout or to stand out, do not hesitate to get inspired with the rest of our selection.


Conforama is another furniture giant with a strong presence in its sector. Defining themselves as “democratizers of trends”, the stores of the Conforama brand aim to make accessible what appeals to the greatest number .

The multi-specialist nature of the brand (furniture, decoration, household appliances) makes it a major ally for fully furnishing your home at prices that are always very affordable . It is indeed possible to fully equip a bedroom, a living room or even a kitchen by making all your purchases in a single store.

With a very large deployment of stores in France and Europe, it is likely that a physical store is located near your home. Otherwise, it is also possible to order online.


Sometimes forgotten when looking for furniture for your house or apartment, the CASA brand offers a collection of quality and trendy furniture for a budget that remains very affordable.

 If the brand is indeed known for selling decoration and more “functional” equipment (in particular kitchen utensils or crockery), the furniture offer is also to be discovered. Tables for the dining room, sofas or outdoor furniture: everything is there to create a warm interior .

If you are looking for a quality furniture store, evoking good living and offering aesthetic and functional pieces, do not hesitate to take a look at the CASA collection.


The GiFi brand is known for being a fairly general distribution store in the non-food sector (decoration, tableware, leisure, etc.). Initially presented as a hard-discount store, the brand’s offer has been developing and moving upmarket for several years .

GiFi now offers a real catalog of furniture for the whole house ranging from entry-level to more qualitative furniture. You will of course find small furniture (stools, coffee tables, bedside tables, lamps) but also sofas, storage units and desks.

If you are looking for a low-cost furniture store , you can go to the brand’s collection. Only downside: online sales with home delivery are not yet available. You will have to go to the store to make your purchase on site or to pick up your order.


Miliboo is a newer furniture store (founded in 2005) and therefore probably less known than the previous brands. The brand has (for the moment) few physical stores, but on the other hand offers a very wide selection of furniture online .

The furniture is entirely designed by the designers of the brand . The entire chain (design, production, storage and shipping) is controlled by Miliboo, without intermediaries. This choice of operation thus makes it possible to offer lower prices to the consumer .

In terms of style, the furniture is contemporary, innovative (even connected) and aims to be “easy to live with” on a daily basis.

Miliboo’s little extras : delivery is free and part of the collection is “made in France”.

Kave Home

KaveHome is a Spanish brand offering furniture with a strong personality , while being trendy and at affordable prices. The brand sells both furniture (tables, chairs, sideboards) and many decorative items .

If you are looking for a piece of character or the little extra that will make the difference in your interior, you will certainly find what you are looking for on KaveHome’s online store or in one of their physical stores.

The brand’s vision: to offer quality furniture at an affordable price, while taking care of customer service and the entire production chain (from design to shipping).

The little extras from KaveHome : original furniture, an extensive collection in the “kids” universe and fast delivery.

Sostrene Grene

The furniture store chain Søstrene Grene was founded in Denmark. Advocating “slow living” and small details, the brand markets furniture and everyday objects that are both aesthetic and affordable . The design of the products is inspired by Scandinavian furniture and evokes softness and delicacy. Pastel colors and soft textiles are, for example, elements that you will frequently find in the brand’s collections.

The brand shows a desire to slow down time, both in its stores and in your interiors. Your visit to a store is designed as a journey, promising different atmospheres and surprises as you progress.

The idea is to recreate a happier and softer environment in your home on a daily basis by choosing your furniture with care. Details and small touches are in the spotlight here, all at a low price!


Made is undoubtedly the most high-end furniture brand in our selection. This shop (mainly online) markets a large collection of furniture from independent and recognized designers.

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