Tips for choosing the perfect furniture for your home

furniture for your home

Are you looking to furnish your home and don’t know where to start? Choosing furniture can be tricky, as it not only has to meet your storage and space needs, but also fit in perfectly with your interior design. Coffee tables, armchairs, wall shelves, corner sofas, cushions… There are a multitude of choices in terms of style, colors, materials and functions. Whether you’re looking for cozy Scandinavian furniture or a sleek industrial style, this article will give you practical tips for choosing the perfect furniture for your home. Here we give you some tips for choosing the ideal furniture for your home, to help you create an interior that suits you and pleases you!

Choose the decoration theme to choose the furniture

Just as it helps to have a theme for parties, it helps to have a theme for decorating your home. Do you want your home to be contemporary in style , with modern and metal furniture, with straight lines and angles and no frills? Or do you prefer a tropical theme, with open spaces, natural materials and light colors? You can also opt for a floral theme, traditional (dark wood and antique furniture) or simply cozy, rustic and relaxed.

Consider your needs to choose the ideal furniture

Once you’ve decided on your theme, it’s time to decide what you need to decorate your living space . Is the seating area more important? Do you want a modular sofa that also allows for comfortable lounging and watching TV? Should you choose a corner sofa that can accommodate a large number of guests? If you don’t entertain often, will a sofa bed for you and your partner be enough?

Each room in your home will have different needs. For a bedroom , for example, you will need different pieces of furniture than for a dining room or an office. You will find many interesting suggestions for the arrangement of bed frames , for example, on VidaXL.

Depending on the needs discussed above, you can decide which furniture to choose to furnish the room . In rooms that you use frequently, consider putting furniture that makes your daily life easier.

Evaluate your space to better develop it

Each room in your house probably has its own dimensions and configuration. To choose the right furniture for your home , think about the space you have before investing in furniture, because the size of the furniture you choose can change the perception of the dimensions of your room. A large bed in a small bedroom may make the room feel tiny; your bedroom can feel spacious or cluttered, depending on the size of the furniture.

It’s a good idea to measure the room, including the doorway (no need to buy a brand new sofa that won’t fit through your door), to think about a room layout . Also make sure that the length of your furniture does not exceed the length of your wall.

Defining the materials to choose the ideal furniture

If you’re shopping for wood furniture, you’ll most often find three categories: veneer, solid wood, and composite wood/chipboard. Solid wood is of better quality but more difficult to maintain, while veneers are more economical while maintaining good overall quality. Composite wood is very common, it is found in many storage units of large brands.

Although higher quality furniture is often more expensive, it is however more resistant and durable, which means that it lasts longer and offers better comfort. In addition, it is important to consider the ergonomics and comfort of the furniture you buy. It is important to choose comfortable seats and tables that suit your body type and lifestyle. Natural wood furniture such as oak or teak is also an option to consider for its longevity and quality.

Also, modular and convertible furniture can be a great option to optimize space and provide more functionality. Don’t forget to add decorative items like cushions or light fixtures to bring a touch of warmth and comfort to your living space!

How much space to keep between furniture?

A good general rule is to leave a space of 45 cm, on each side, between the end of the sofa and the end of the wall. You may also want to make sure there is enough space to walk around and clean up without having to sneak around or move other objects around the room.

Also, keep the shape of the room in mind. Round rooms should ideally have suitable, low-bulk furniture for better aesthetics. Square or rectangular rooms can be divided using furniture such as sectional sofas. The layout is essential to enhance the space , the natural light and the cocooning or contemporary atmosphere of your interior.

Investing in new furniture involves a bit of research, work and planning. However, once you start the process, it should go pretty smoothly! Focus more on functionality, comfort, and most importantly, your needs and tastes , and you’ll find that your space reflects your unique personality — the most foolproof decorating strategy there is.

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