Clean your house once a week quickly and efficiently

Clean your house

From floor to ceiling and in each room, group the cleaning products and the necessary equipment , take time, vacuum, dust, scrub… But, whatever the size of the chore, good organization and a few tips are always useful for a clean home and odor-free interiors.

How to clean the house?

When it comes to maintaining the house, many of us think with hesitation of “spring cleaning”. However, on a daily basis, small simple gestures already help you to maintain a clean, healthy and pleasant home.

What are recurring household chores?

As you know, some household chores are unfortunately repetitive. You have to start over every day or else you will see the accumulation of disorder and dirt.

In the rooms every morning, make the beds . In this regard, a duvet in winter and a simple sheet in summer, ensure a significant saving of time. In the kitchen,  do the dishes at least once in the evening and if possible at noon, ending with cleaning the sink . Don’t forget to wipe the hotplates with a sponge , clean the work surface and clear the table . In the bathroom, wash the sink after using it and sort the laundry to put it away or put it in the washing machine.

What equipment should be provided?

When it comes to household chores, the first thing to do is to provide yourself with the necessary equipment. This can be protective equipment such as household gloves , but also accessories such as brushes and rags in quantity. Finally, some cleaning products are useful for full efficiency. Among the most common, bleach, black soap or Marseille soap.

This is the first step before any cleaning operation. A feather duster and microfiber cloths help you remove and capture dust from all surfaces.

Wash the floors

Clean and tidy floors through the use of a broom with natural, synthetic or rubber bristles, immediately give the impression of a manicured home. Once a week, also use the vacuum cleaner . You can then clean your floor with the appropriate equipment and product:

Several times a year, windows and bay windows in the home can be wiped down with newspaper , chamois leather , microfiber cloths, a large soft sponge , or a window squeegee .

De-clog the surfaces

The magic eraser is essential in case of difficult stains while the chamois leather shines the earthenware of the washbasin and the bathtub. For difficult areas, scouring sponges can be effective, but beware of fragile coatings such as ceramic glass that do not support them.

Do not forget also, a powerful household descaler , especially to overcome grease stains in the kitchen and limescale in the bathroom.

How to clean the house quickly and efficiently?

On average, we devote nearly 200 hours per year to household chores , or just over 8 full days. Also, to properly clean the house without wasting time, here are some tips.

Establish a schedule of household chores according to the days of the week and stick to it. To avoid overloading yourself, set yourself a goal every other day, for example. Monday vacuuming, Tuesday off, Wednesday doing the laundry, Thursday off, Friday cleaning the toilets…

Go to the basics . Keep in mind to always disinfect the surface of the worktops and the kitchen sink, clean the hobs, vacuum and mop everywhere, without forgetting to shine the toilets and the shower with the help of a sanitizing anti-limescale spray.

Give yourself courage! Music cleaning should be automatic. And if it also saves you from procrastinating, get started!

How to clean naturally?

How did our grandmothers do when chemicals didn’t exist to keep the interior clean and healthy all year round? They had at their disposal many natural products, which we are rediscovering little by little today.

What natural products to clean your house?

Industrial household cleaners are often harsh on the environment. To reduce the ecological impact of your home, but also to significantly reduce your budget allocated to home maintenance, switching to natural products is of real interest.

Shine windows with vinegar

To clean the windows, nothing beats a sheet of newspaper rolled up in a ball. However, for thorough cleaning, mix hot water and white vinegar before drying the windows with a microfiber cloth.

To get rid of all stains, fill a one-liter spray bottle with hot water, add a tablespoon of baking soda , the same in white vinegar and finish with ten drops of essential oil. tea tree or lemon .

You can also easily make your dishwashing detergent by pouring 100 ml of ecological dishwashing liquid into a bottle, to which you add 1 tablespoon of baking soda , water and 5 drops of the essential oil of your choice (lemon, grapefruit, eucalyptus…)

Sanitize the toilet with essential oils

A similar recipe can be applied in the toilet with half a glass of white vinegar , a quarter of a glass of liquid black soap and a few drops of tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil to leave on overnight.

Some tips for doing your spring cleaning

What is called the great spring cleaning is truly an opportunity to check every corner of the house and to blow a wind of renewal in your home. To apply this shock treatment and for an effective cleaning base you can:

How to clean the house?

To properly clean the house, gather the necessary equipment and household products. Then proceed piece by piece, starting by knocking down the dust from objects located high up, then gradually descending to finish by washing the floors.

What natural products to clean your house?

Bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, black soap, Marseille soap and essential oils are the natural products most commonly used to clean, sanitize and disinfect the house thoroughly, from floor to ceiling.

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