Curtains to dress the windows

Curtains to dress the windows

They dress your windows and bring a real personal touch to your interior. Find our selections of not cheesy curtains and our practical advice…

How to choose your curtains?

Soft, thick, in sober or shimmering colors but also more or less obscuring, the curtains bring one of the last decorative touches to the habitat, making it infinitely warmer.  Materials, colors, measurement or even different existing finishes, two experts in the sector give us their valuable advice.  To create a cozy atmosphere? Block out the light to sleep well? So many parameters to take into account to choose the right curtains.

They often fade into the background, yet curtains have a significant influence on the atmosphere of an interior. But the imminent arrival of the cold season pushes us to reconsider the role of these textiles – useful for protecting oneself from the vis-à-vis throughout the year, they especially allow to warm the atmosphere, as well as to both aesthetically and thermally. Let’s not forget that the curtains constitute an additional barrier against the cold when they invite themselves in front of the windows or behind a front door. It’s time to do away with light curtains in favor of thicker fabrics, such as velvet, lined cotton, which envelop the house in a real cocoon of softness. Curtains therefore contribute to the general ambience of living spaces and are the opportunity to inject color around openings – an area that is regularly overlooked. Selection  of the most beautiful models to warm up your autumn-winter decoration.

Often overlooked, windows deserve our full attention. If the curtains and blinds remain the favorites, there are other decorative accessories to highlight them. For example, the window sill, which is not always used, can be used to display your decorative objects. Enough to create a warm atmosphere inside, even though it overlooks  the outside. Does your window frame look gloomy? Never mind, add color to it with a special paint. Or, pimp your windows with a colorful light garland. Discover 15 ideas to adopt to revamp your windows.

The curtains give style to the living room

To complete the decor of the living room, nothing like a pair of curtains! As aesthetic as they are practical, the curtains dress the windows and the bay windows of the living room, letting the light circulate, or obscuring it. Whether you like them plain or printed, Côté Maison has unearthed 10 models of trendy curtains and sheers for your living room.

Fancy the windows with hippy chic curtains

And if we put some fantasy on the windows: colorful fabrics, embellished, patterned, with lacing, braiding or fringes. And why not mix it all up, in gypsie mode […] By Anne Prud’Homme-Béné

How to hang curtains?

To dress up or insulate a room, curtains are perfect. But putting up curtains can sometimes become a real headache. Here are some tips to help you get there without difficulty.

12 curtains for new windows

Long live the curtains that dress the windows with their lightness. While transparent, they allow light to pass through while sheltering view. Colored like candies, plain, floral, or even in linen or polyester, curtains give the house a fresh look.

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