14 ways to enhance a room with curtains

room with curtains

The curtains are often the last wheel of the carriage when it comes to blinds, whether boat, Californian or Japanese. Despite everything, I persist in recommending them to clients. With the curtain, we are in the final phase of textile decoration, where everything makes sense, where everything harmonizes. It is in the choice of the curtain that the finesse of the choices in terms of decoration is revealed and that we see the quality of a realization. The curtain structures, frames, highlights. Not to be confused with the veil, which aims to hide the view of the neighborhood  and to filter the light a little.

Two or three things to know about curtains: if they drag on the ground, it does not matter, it is even very good (under the Old Regime, the abundance of textiles symbolized the richness of the place). It is therefore better that they are too long than too short. Curtain rods are supports: they are not made to be highlighted and must therefore be discreet, but if you’d like them to stand out try and use unique materials such as copper bars to enhance the space.

Here are some examples that will show you why it is good to use the curtains.

1. The warm aspect

In addition to protecting this living room from the cold outside that seeps in through the doors and windows, these curtains help to create a cozy atmosphere in the room. A beautiful material, a beautiful drape and generous folds frame the bay windows, structure them and enhance them.

2. Freshness

The plain linen curtains in a fresh pastel yellow bring a holiday spirit to this room where the blue color invites you to relax.

3. The colorful synthesis

In this eclectic interior, the living room curtains in flashy colors contrast with the beautiful bright colors of the room and enhance the industrial style furniture. A final touch that gives a note of pep to this living room.

4. Separation symbolized

This child’s bedroom in soft colors has a bed fitted out under the eaves in pastel tones. It stands out from the rest of the room with the long pink voile curtains.

5. Complementarity

The shade of the pink curtains balances the green of the wallpaper while taking up its discreet touches of pale pink. Two colors that allow the creation of a bucolic, almost magical universe.

6. Sober and chic graphics Beautiful

bedroom curtains with grey, black and cream stripes, a straight drape and all of this underlines the sobriety of the place while clearly expressing a decorative bias.

7. Luxury

In the same dark green velvet used on the headboard, this heavy curtain brings an extra touch of voluptuousness to this bedroom. The velvet curtains dress up the space and give it a sophisticated touch.

8. Sobriety

In this living room where leather club chair, designer furniture, classic patterns and neutral colors come together, the gray curtains simply highlight the height under the ceiling while recalling the wallpaper on the neighboring wall.

9. The coordinated spirit

Here, nothing is left to chance: the bed linen finds a reminder in the heavy fabric of the curtains. The pillows seem to have been cut from the same fabric, the head of which matches perfectly with that of the headboard. Everything works together right down to the canopy posts.

10. The ribbon of light

Nice idea to include an LED ribbon in the rail of the curtains to magnify the fabric. It thus reflects the light, goes perfectly with the wood/beige spirit of the space and brings it an ounce of softness.

11. Elegant classicism

In this hushed universe, with light furniture and classic shapes, the timeless straight black curtains frame the bay windows to give rhythm to the room. All associated with a raw parquet floor for a contribution of warmth in this black and white universe.


In a classic atmosphere, inspired by the Art Deco style, the modern spirit is based on the graphic design of the textiles, in particular that of the curtains. Note that the rugs, cushions and curtains work with different but complementary patterns, both in lines and colors.

 13.The height under the ceiling

The yellow curtains come here to underline the beautiful volume of the room by rising to the ceiling. They are noticed by their yellow color, perfect to marry with the blue of the sofas.

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