How to decorate your house?

decorate your house

If you have just moved in, the decoration of the house is what will make it your own. But it’s also a way to change the one you’ve lived in for a long time to bring it up to date. Before you start, there are certain notions to take into account: space, style and colors.

Analyze the space

Before embarking on the interior decoration of your home, you must analyze the available space. When you don’t know how to decorate your kitchen, you choose furniture that can be either multi-purpose or with plenty of storage: this does not prevent them from being also very designer.

In the living room , a little space is very useful when inviting friends. Practical and not too intrusive furniture is more suitable. Choosing a table for its design is important, but if it has an extension, it is also very practical. Same goes for the sofa: if you don’t have a spare bedroom, a sofa bed or sofa bed can combine style and utility.

If the rooms are not very large, it is better to give preference to furniture with a thin design. Why not transparent materials? This offers perspective and does not clutter the eye.

The positioning of doors, windows and cupboards included in the walls is an element that indicates the natural place of each piece of furniture. The technique of feng shui can be a very good help when you do not know where to start to decorate your house. Indeed, feng shui is a method of organizing the interior space of a home so that each piece of furniture is perfectly positioned, in terms of practicality, ease of circulation and harmony of the whole of a room. .

Define your style

When we start decorating our house, we especially want it to be in our image. Which style suits you the most? Depending on whether you like the contemporary, classic, Scandinavian, exotic chic or industrial style, the materials and shapes of the furniture will not be the same. When you choose a very assertive style, the whole house must stick to it. If the living room has a strong personality, the bedrooms , the kitchen and the bathroom will have to follow this trend, otherwise it may swear. Here are some styling ideas:

Contemporary: we prefer above all glass, plastic, shiny metal, possibly teak, with few frills. The floor can be either a raw wooden floor or a waxed concrete. The lines are clean, the colors sober with a more sparkling touch here and there, and the objects are discreet;

Classic: wood is widely used in the classic style, and it is carved: the typical armchair of the classic style is a Voltaire armchair, and marble can be used on a small side table. The walls and ceiling may have moldings, while the floor is usually wooden parquet. Noble materials are in the spotlight!

Scandinavian: this style inspired by the countries of northern Europe is distinguished by the geometric shape of its furniture, pastel colors and light wood. The lines are clean, the materials are smooth and without details;

Exotic chic: the woods used are exotic woods, the shapes are soft, and elements of color or material give the particular spirit of the travelers’ houses. We find in particular bamboo or fabrics, either colorful or with animal motifs. But be careful not to overdo it, it must remain occasional touches: one or two cushions on the sofa, a painting on the wall or a (faux) fur rug;

Industrial: This style is a mix of wood, matte black metal and warm colors. The floor can be parquet or polished concrete, the furniture is in black metal or raw wood, or why not in pallets. They can even be salvaged or picked up at flea markets: we especially choose those that come from the industrial environment – ​​hence the name of the style – such as metal lockers or drawers of all sizes where tools were stored.

Mix the colors well

In interior decoration, colors have an important role: they must be mastered. Using 3 colors is the maximum allowed, with only one dominant color. Embarking on a decoration with several strong colors is risky: in living rooms, it tires the eye and gives a messy effect.

As a result, so as not to be mistaken, we choose colors in monochrome, complementary or in contrast. For example, to know how to decorate your bedroom , a shades of blue can be soothing and very aesthetic: sky, navy, turquoise or pastel, blue comes easily.

In an interior with an industrial style, we therefore favor black, white or gray, and we choose a strong color to give pep, generally rather warm, like a brick red. On the other hand, how to decorate your living room if you want it Scandinavian? We put on a cold color, such as blue or purple, often accompanied by a soft yellow. This brings a more lively touch, but in harmony with the tranquility of the style.

The dominant color can be found in decorative objects, such as cushions, frames, a vase, flowerpots… But it is also interesting to have a wall or a section of wall in a clear color, while the others have a neutral color. Objects in the room can then serve as reminders of the color of the wall.

In small rooms, it is more judicious to favor light colors in order to bring light. In addition, light colors give the impression of expanding the space, while a dark color will tend to reduce it.

If you like to change decoration regularly, in this case, it is better to favor neutral colors for the walls and large furniture, and bring bright color to a carpet or other elements that are easy to replace.

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